posted January 20th, 2012, 10:16 pm

WATTS in a name! LOL get it WATTS! HA HA HA

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January 20th, 2012, 10:20 pm


It's an older one


Holy freakin' panic attack!
Hallo thar, this is Alex (ReenaLegend/AlexThaEpic)!
I'm one of Anna's good buddies who is another comic nut!

She's currently kidnapped by SOPA PIPA soooo here's one of her older comics!
ALSO cause she kinda was spazzing you're getting an extra treat! I'm posting up a guest comic! Why? Because she originally asked me to draw one then called back and yelled "USE AN OLDER ONE!"

So you get both! Cause she loves you!

....I talk alot (>____>)

EDIT: The real artist here! Basically... today was a mess, let's put it that way. Good thing Alex is here to save my butt! This is while I worked as a cashier while going to college, not my current job at the theatre. But anyways... I feel like I have failed in my resolution slightly becuase I didn't draw this today, but I am going to compromise with myself and at least say that I drew this and not someone else. Although the guest comic from Alex I'm sure is going to be hilarious and amazing! LOVE YOU ALEX!

...My style... has changed so much... x_x

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